Engineering and Consultancy in Sustainability, Renewable Energy and Waste management.

We specialize in grid connected large scale wind turbines, since these deliver the most cost-effective solutions.
Generating electricity from renewable sources (wind & solar) for the benefit of all Ghanaian businesses & households
Promoting Electric Mobility (EVs) to ensure cleaner air in our cities, and reducing environmental waste through effective plastics & circular strategy
Planting teak and cedar trees to fight deforestation, and providing access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene to local communities.

Sustainable Economic Development

Businesses must work together to resolve the sustainability challenges presented by climate change, resource concerns and other global issues. Focusing on costs can inadvertently keep leaders from seeing sustainability as an opportunity.

Renewable Energy

African countries are not major emitters however, we could quickly become one with rapid urbanization and industrialization on the continent. If we transition into the wrong fuels and infrastructure, we will put ourselves on the trajectory towards high emissions.

Wind & solar are the best placed technologies available and the most cost effective means of generating electricity to help Ghana meet its Climate targets. With abundance of solar & wind resources, Ghana has comparative advantage in renewables, and the falling costs of green technologies provide momentum for the country to be on the delivery end of this new energy revolution.

E - Mobility

Promoting the use of EVs and EV charging infrastructure development to help combat the growing air quality concerns in our cities. Fossil fuels contribute to growing air quality concerns in our cities and air pollution has been attributed to around 7 million deaths world-wide every year with developing nations being the most impacted. (WHO; 2018).


Deforestation has a major impact on communities and to reverse this trend, we educate communities about the importance of sustainable forestry for long-term health of the economy and natural resources. Trees improve soil health by protecting it from wind and rain, absorbing water and building stability with their root structures.
Planting trees like teak & cedar will help create young, resilient forests that can absorb carbon, clean our water and air, and recover from fire, drought, and flooding.

Community Engagement

Helping build sustainable communities through women empowerment and community based programs to facilitate poverty reduction within our communities. And providing access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene to local communities.